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Men and Women of the Year

Listed below are the recipients of the San Diego Council Man and Woman of the Year Awards. This honor is presented to individuals who have, through their efforts in San Diego area ski clubs, the San Diego Council, the San Diego Alpine League, and regional, national, or international activities, made an outstanding contribution to skiing during the past year or in prior years.

2017-2018 Jean McCasey NISC Tom Sekreta Action
2016-2017 Sabine Alberti DDSC Nick Cowell NISC
2015-2016 Eileen Weiner DDSC Rick Bonnett NISC
2014-2015 Debbie Schroeder TPSC Jerry Stokely SDSC
2013-2014 Erin Barber SDSC Tom Bungard SDSC
2012-2013 Diane Raines TPSC Dave Arnold NISC
2011-2012 Janet Chenier Action Brad Davis TPSC
2010-2011 Laura Meldrum TPSC Joe Goldhammer TPSC
2009-2010 Helen Harris DDSC Hobe Schroeder TPSC
2008-2009 Rusty Etzel TPSC Rick Bonnett NISC
2007-2008 Debbie Schroeder TPSC Carl Cobb DDSC
2006-2007 Susan Shaffer NISC Dave Arnold NISC
2005-2006 Cheryl Riess NISC Rick Bonnett NISC
2004-2005 Cheryl Riess NISC Gene Fulkerson Pac Rim
2003-2004 Helen Harris DDSC Robb Kirschenmann Action
2002-2003 Bobbi Owen DDSC Ken Zuorro NISC
2001-2002 Jo Henry NISC Bob March NISC
2000-2001 Janet Hatch-Plent NISC Michael German NISC
1999-2000 Candy Cowell NISC Bob Morton Solar
1998-1999 Judy Schultheis NISC Bob March NISC
1997-1998 Eileen Powers NISC Ed Hillary Solar
1996-1997 Eileen Powers NISC Richard Wood NISC
1995-1996 Connie Smith DDSC Mike Sanford NISC
1994-1995 Cheryl Slavik DDSC Dave Williamson NISC
1993-1994 Judi Allday TPSC Richard Wood NISC
1992-1993 Sara Tully CVDD Mike Sanford NISC
1991-1992 Susie Vetter Action Wayne Kamaura Action
1990-1991 Laura Meldrum TPSC Gene Fulkerson USA
1989-1990 Eileen Weiner SDSC Norman Cullen Action
1988-1989 Doris Arden NCSC Jim Ortiz NISC
1987-1988 Marilyn Bosworth CVDD Richard Baker CVDD
1986-1987 not awarded - not awarded -
1985-1986 Connie Smith CVDD George Paul CVDD
1984-1985 Margo Webster CVDD Tom Medvitz CVDD
1983-1984 Linda Walker TPSC Jim Dumas BSSC
1982-1983 Nancy Whipple TPSC Jim Wehsener SDSC
1981-1982 Margo Thomas TPSC Jim Kangers SDSC
1980-1981 Nancy Rashman TPSC Julio DeGuzman SDSC
1979-1980 Kathie Leach TPSC Ted Cunningham BSSC
1978-1979 Diane Mensch TPSC Brad Davis TPSC
1977-1978 Mary Larson BSSC John Dobos NorthCounty
1976-1977 Pam Fontius CVDD
1975-1976 Donna Mehaffey Baja Sierra
1974-1975 Barbara Williams Baja Sierra
1973-1974 Merry Evans Baja Sierra
1972-1973 Judy Kucera TPSC
1971-1972 Susan Plazak TPSC
1970-1971 Judy Pyke Auslich
1966-1970 ?????????
1965-1966 Karen Ottley TPSC
1964-1965 Maureen MacDonald DDSC
1963-1964 Mary Jane Gerber TPSC
1962-1963 Virginia Mateja (Cobb) Convair

TO ALL MEMBERS OF SAN DIEGO AREA SKI CLUBS: If you know anyone who should be considered for the upcoming Man and Woman of the Year contest contact your club's council rep to submit their name.