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San Diego Council of Ski Clubs
A Council of the Far West Ski Association
Charitable Activities

     The SDCSC has supported charities for many years. For several years the Council had a fund drive for Becky's House, a shelter for abused women. Members donated money and toiletries to be used at the shelter.
     Don Diego Ski Club has been a strong supporter of the Bear Mountain Handicapped Ski School from 1990 to the present time. The club starts with a Silent Auction each year and then presents the proceeds to the Bear Mountain Handicapped Ski School (now the United States Adaptive Recreation Center). During a ten year period over $150.000. was raised and donated to that charity. Now Don Diego Ski Club maintains an active partnership with the Wounded Warriors program at Bear Mountain. This is a program that sponsors returning handicapped Vets from Iraq, teaching them to ski and enjoy the mountains once again.
     Pacific Rim Alliance has sponsored the Jimmie Huega Center for Multiple Sclerosis victims for eight years. Gene Fulkerson and Catherine Ohl host a wine maker dinner at their house each year. The proceeds go to the Jimmy Huega Center.
     Torrey Pines Ski club has been involved in Operation HomeFront for families of active military and wounded vets. This is their first year of participation and they ran a food drive and collected donated items for the families. Club member volunteers give funds received for working at the November Snow Jam Ski Show to this organization.
     BAE Systems Ski and Snowboard Club is involved in the USO in San Diego which supports active duty military and their families. They have been working with this organization since 2002. Funds are raised through donations.
     North Island Snowdrifters has been donating toys at Christmas time to the Marine's Toys for Tots Drive for ten years. At the December meeting each member brings a toy for the drive. A representative from the Marines attends the meeting and picks up the donations. NIS won the club history award at the FWSA Convention in June 2008. They were given a cash gift to go to the charity of the club's choice. The board is still discussing which charity they will support.
     As you can see SDCSC has expressed heartfelt interest and support for the local and national charities represented in their area. In 2009 we will continue to meet the needs of those less fortunate then ourselves.

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